The Big Bang Fair 2019: Hoop’s top 5 events for under 11s

The team at Hoop (a free app that helps parents discover family activities) have picked out their top events for children aged 7-11 at this year’s Big Bang Fair.

“At Hoop, we believe in inspiring kids to learn about STEM subjects at any age, and we’re always working to promote fun and interactive activities. We’re excited to bring you our picks for the Big Bang Fair 2019.”

The Hoop team’s top choices are:


Meet the Insects that Run the World!
Exhibit | Biology

Get to know the little insects that run the world around us. Handle live insects, examine specimens up close with a microscope and learn from experts why studying and working with insects is so important for our world. 


Edible Science
Workshop | Biology, Chemistry, Engineering / D&T

Can garlic ward off heart disease? Is chilli a poison or painkiller? Explore these questions and more mysteries behind the foods we eat. You’ll even have the chance to make your own medicines and get stuck into chocolate!


Build a Digital Instrument
Workshop | Engineering / D&T, Computing, IT

Discover how to play the fruit piano and draw a digital drum kit. This exciting workshop encourages kids to explore how these instruments work, take them apart and rebuild them into their own fantastic instrument.


Explore the Science in Minecraft

Workshop | Biology, Chemistry

If you’re mad for Minecraft, you’ll love with workshops with Science Hunters. Explore the science behind the world of Minecraft through fun, interactive activities.


The Cloud Factory

Workshop | Chemistry, Physics

Ever wondered what it would be like to touch a cloud? Join the Cloud Factory where you can touch, see and hear and event taste clouds made from dry ice. Learn about the exciting world of ecosystems and atmospheres.

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