The Big Bang Competition

Addy Gisby competed at The Big Bang Competition Finals 2016 - read about her experience below.

I attended and competed at two Big Bang Fairs, first at The Big Bang Eastern Fair for the regional heats and then again the year after at The Big Bang Fair 2016 for the National Finals.

For our project, my team and I researched, designed and created a prototype for the optimum classroom. We were inspired by the fact that our schools was being redesigned and a new building was being added. Therefore, we decided to create a classroom that could be incorporated into the new building. Since completing the project, we've had meetings with the school architect and some of our ideas are now being implemented into the new design!

One of the first things we did when we arrived at the regional heats was to set up our stand and then look at all the other competitors' projects. They were all very creative and the level of scientific expertise and passion was very inspiring. Overall, we were visited by both a moderator and a couple of judges. They were very kind and showed a genuine excitement for the world of STEM. After listening to our presentation they asked us a few questions and showed a continual interest in our project. After we had been judged we had some time to go around the various exhibitors' stalls, where we participated in multiple activities - including learning how to pick up a potato with a straw! We were also able to talk to volunteers about their involvement in the world of STEM and their enthusiasm and excitement was infectious. At the end of the regional heats there were an awards ceremony with nominations for the national finals - fortunately we were selected as finalists.

The National Finals at The Big Bang Fair were very exciting and took place on a much larger scale. There was more excitement among the competitors and the projects were of an even higher standard. There were also more exhibitors with larger stands showcasing incredible technology and inventions. Despite the grandeur of the competition, everyone was very amicable and there were coordinators who made sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time. Between the competitors there was no sense of hostility as everyone was willingly showing their projects to each other and listening attentively to everyone else. Again, the moderators and judges were very kind and passionate about STEM and what they were doing. They asked interesting questions and showed a genuine curiosity about our project.

The Big Bang Fair has been very helpful for my ideas for the future as it's exposed me to many engineers who are all passionate and excited about their jobs. I'm now considering doing engineering at university and further in the future. When I was at the Fair I was able to talk to all the engineers in depth and it's made my insight into the scope of the profession much deeper.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience completing my project for The Big Bang Fair; it's helped me develop many new skills and improve old ones, especially in fields like research and design. Being able to share our project that we worked so hard on at The Big Bang Fair was very satisfying and greatly improved my confidence in public speaking.

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