Students present their projects at Big Bang @ Parliament 2018

Remember, remember... on 5 November, EngineeringUK and the Parliamentary and Science Committee jointly hosted Big Bang @ Parliament in celebration of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week.

Finalists in The Big Bang Competition from 11 schools around the country came to Parliament to showcase their amazing science and engineering projects to MPs, Peers and people from across the engineering community.

A group of students from Morpeth Newminister Middle School were among the lucky finalists selected to present their project at the event. 

Finalists from Morpeth Newminister Middle School

Erin Collings, Connie Hewison, Amber Hodson, Anna Jakubovics and Maria O'Shea were thrilled to come to Parliament - a fantastic practice run for the Finals in Birmingham next March. They said:

“We are ‘The Secret Life of Plastic’ and we are one of the finalist groups from the Big Bang Fair Competition, representing the North East.

We were lucky enough to be asked to go to the Big Bang @ Parliament event which was amazing, and we were so excited to be selected for this.

We had so much fun; we got to meet our local MP Ian Lavery as well as a Sunderland MP Julie Elliott!

Not only did we get to meet lots of important people and learn about their careers, we also got to inform them about our project and what we aim to achieve in our work.

Our research project looks into how plastic pollution affects our world and what we can do to reduce it. This has been such fun to investigate, from carrying out experiments to doing assemblies to over 350+ students at our school, it has definitely been a once in a lifetime experience and words cannot explain how excited we are for the upcoming Finals in March at Birmingham”.

The 2018 winner of the University of Oxford’s Engineering Innovator Prize in The Big Bang Competition, Manisha Waterston, was also there to share her project. Down from her school in Glasgow specially for the occasion, she said:

“Being invited to Parliament was so unexpected but I’m extremely thankful for the experience! Everyone was very enthusiastic and interested to hear about my project.

My project ‘Music For The Eyes’ was a Nuffield Foundation research placement at the University of Glasgow. It involved the use of created audio tones from sinusoidal waves to generate recognizable shapes and patterns on an oscilloscope.

At Parliament, I got to speak with the MP Patrick Grady from my constituency who was extremely nice, as well as Nus Ghani MP who was very excited to see what her name would sound like using the frequencies.

2018 Finalist from Notre Dame High School

I met with people who are involved in the Big Bang process and people working at EngineeringUK - everyone had different questions and different thoughts about my project and what it could be applied to in the future.

Everyone was very intrigued about the project and engaged which made me feel proud of my work. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly!”

Stephen Metcalfe MP speaking at Big Bang @ Parliament 2018

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