Careers at The Fair

We want everyone who comes to The Big Bang Fair to understand how important scientists and engineers really are… they literally shape the world around us!

The number of exciting career possibilities that exist within science, technology, engineering and maths are endless and the best news is, there’s a route for everyone. Whether you want to learn on the job, go to college, go to university or combine different routes, you can start planning your own path now.

Every young visitor who comes to The Fair will have the opportunity to find out about the amazing work of scientists and engineers.

Find out more about the careers activities available at The Fair below.


Hear from scientists and engineers

Recent research from Education and Employers demonstrates the positive impact that careers talks given by volunteers from the world of work can have on students’ motivation to study, their academic attainment, their subject choices and their future plans.

Help your school meet 4 of the Gatsby careers benchmarks by bringing your students to one of the Meet the future you career talks and letting them attend a drop-in networking session with scientists and engineers at the Careers Cabin dome.

  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Encounters with further and higher education

Meet the future you

Come to one of our interactive career shows! Hear from a diverse range of scientists and engineers who do incredible jobs and take part in an informal Q&A to find out where you could be in a few years’ time. 

Shows are hosted by a presenter and take place on the stage within the Careers Cabin. They last for approximately 25 minutes. They will run on a first-come, first-served basis.

Suitable for those aged 10 or over.

Meet the future you - live on stage at The Big Bang Fair

At home in the dome

Drop in and speak to scientists and engineers in the Careers Cabin dome. Ask them questions about what they do, ask their advice, and listen to the stories of their careers. This informal networking activity runs throughout the day. A list of job titles and times will be displayed outside the dome so that visitors can choose who to come and talk to.

Suitable for those aged 12 or over. Drop-in.

At home in the dome - The Big Bang Fair

Career activities around the showfloor

Big Bang Explore - visitor challenge

When you arrive at The Fair you will be given a Big Bang Explore pack. Complete the fun tasks throughout the day and drop off your entry form before you leave, for a chance to win an indoor sky dive!

All of the tasks are geared towards helping visitors interact with scientists and engineers at The Fair, to discover the breadth of jobs available in STEM, and to ensure that everyone experiences the wonder of The Fair.

There is an optional take-home element of the challenge this year, for a further chance to win a prize by getting creative and thinking like a scientist or an engineer. Find out more at the event – details will be on the Big Bang Explore pack.

Suitable for all ages.

'I'm a scientist' and 'I'm an engineer'

Look out for our scientists and engineers around The Fair. They will be wearing purple ‘ask me what I do’ t-shirts and blue careers armbands.

They can help you complete the Big Bang Challenge and can be found all around the showfloor. Ask them questions to try and work out what they do, or chat to them about your future plans. 

In the meantime, you can start meeting some of our scientists and engineers and explore some real jobs in STEM now.

Suitable for all ages.

Careers quiz

From researching cures for diseases to designing wearable technology, scientists and engineers work on some incredible things.

Take our short Meet the future you careers quiz and answer questions about your skills and interests to discover the types of engineering jobs that might suit you and the different routes you could take.

You can complete this quiz while at The Fair on the iPads in the Careers Cabin, or take it online or on iOS and Android apps at any time.

Suitable for all ages. Drop-in. 

Not sure whether science, technology, engineering or maths is for you? Why not try our Whose crew are you? quiz, recommended for young people under the age of 14, or anyone starting out on their career decision-making journey.


Career guidance

STEM is the future. From disaster relief specialist to digital musician, there are hundreds of exciting jobs that use science, technology, engineering and maths.

Use our STEM Career Explorer to discover exciting roles before attending the Fair and then talk to our qualified careers advisers on the showfloor to receive tailored information, advice and guidance on different routes into STEM careers at the event. 

To find out more about careers in STEM, have a look at:



For the first time in 2020, we will be offering a teacher-dedicated careers adviser, who will answer any questions you have about careers in STEM and help you consider how to communicate with your students about science, technology and engineering careers.